Injustice 2 Hits A Home Run!

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The Dark Knight and the billionaire playboy. The Man of Steel and the mild mannered reporter. The majority of the superheroes in the DC Universe leads a double life. They can blend in with the world as ordinary people but then wears costumes when trouble is brewing. NetherRealm Studios’ 2013 fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us did the same. They found a huge success as a fun and great fighting experience in conjunction with a popular story. Injustice 2 once again provides grand slam with its story and fighting, but adds something that keeps you playing.

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Injustice 2 doesn’t reach same level of narrative intrigue as its predecessor, but as enjoyable for an entirely different reason. The story is continuation to the original game. There is no moment is as shocking or profound as Superman ripping out the Joker’s heart. This sequel instead takes the old angle of uniting superheroes and villains to stop an intergalactic threat. Brainiac, a space traveler intent on destroying Earth. He can control anyone’s will and has forged his own army of familiar characters. The lurking fear of Superman being freed from his prison is a nice plot thread. It adds a layer of mystery to a story that can basically be summarized as “free for all.”

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NetherRealm provides a fun in this story, which unfolds through lengthy sequences that are as stunning as they are epic. The amount of detail in the character models is impressive. I am very impressed with Brainiac.  The framing of the action is superb, especially a sequence that pits The Flash against Reverse Flash. The story breaks are as fun to see as the overall game is to play. It doesn’t waver from being anything but a bombastic assault on the senses. You’re not going to find much to think about in this story apart from Green Arrow’s awful jokes.

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The fighting is once more a ridiculous show of power. At any given moment a hero could possibly be raced through time. They can be hurled around the sun, or chomped by Aquaman’s sea creature. That is nothing fresh for Injustice. These these catastrophic strikes presents a higher degree of strategy and fluidity. The walking speed is better to get you closer to your opponent.  The matches are noticeably paced faster. Players have significantly more opportunities to turn the tables on their opponents. The inclusion of aerial recoveries and evasive rolls that will give you separation or close the gap on a foe.

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Special meter management offers new dynamics. It no longer hangs so heavily in banking segments for a potential Clash or super move in the final round. The new evasive techniques deplete segments of the meter, as do powerful new offensive attacks. Each arena continues to be filled up with environmental interactions and arena transitions.

The game feels tighter and faster, and the returning characters all again feel new, for better or worse. Batman’s techniques are more enjoyable for me in this sequel.  I found Superman to be underwhelming in both functionality and appearance. The roster lacks some heavy hitters, but offers a nice variety superheroes and villains, such as the Suicide Squad.

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Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, and the peculiar Doctor Fate are great additions to the roster.  Actually, no new character shakes up the foundation. Even though there are a number of finishing moves, many find it hard to feel epic beyond their length. There are some amazing finishers, like Swamp Thing pulling an opponent underground for a thwacking of roots.  Some are pretty bland. Bane does little more than pile-drive an opponent. But it still looks cool.

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Exploring the game’s deep well of strategies is a reason to keep playing. I think the majority of players (like myself) will be mostly interested in the rewards. Winning a match feels great, but the game increases that feeling with a pouring of rewards. They range from two different types of experience points for the player and the character. There is opportunity of getting custom gear that can change the looks and attributes of the character. You may even earn performance rewards, therefore a Mother Box, is Injustice 2’s type of a blind package holding gear for any given character.

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The gear won’t be as exciting in the beginning because it’s doing nothing more than giving your character a slightly different appearance. You may get different pointy ears on Batman or an emblem-free cape for Supergirl. Playing longer leads to even more exotic rewards that may completely change the appearance of your character. One such example is Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern looking almost precisely like Kyle Rayner’s Ion. The high-end equipment also produces overall performance boosts such as strength increasing by 200-plus or ability by 150-plus. Furthermore, You can receive new skills, two of which may be equipped at any moment. The benefits will vary for each item. In the event you receive something that seems useless and don’t need, you can sell it to increase your funds for more Mother Boxes.

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The bonuses that are linked with gear don’t improve your heroes for ranked matches (except for appearance), but do enter into play in a new mode called Multiverse. It replaces S.T.A.R. Labs from “Gods Among Us.” Playing from the fact that DC’s universe comes with an infinite amount of earths, your heroes battles against alternate variations of themselves. Some probably more powerful and others with unforeseeable powers.

Multiverse is definitely a beautifully designed avenue of play offering daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. Each tests your abilities in different methods, all in the hope of unlocking even more rewards. Multiverse complements play with the fighting mechanics. In one tournament, I couldn’t leap. Also, the sun was dimming out, which switched the TV screen dark for a moment or two. Most of all, the events are always changing, but I haven’t noticed anything as zany as S.T.A.R. Labs’ wacky side content such as controlling Catwoman’s kitten, Isis.

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While no cooperative play is offered, players can join guilds to earn guild-specific XP and, you guessed it, unique rewards. While the option to spend real cash on in-game items is here, it doesn’t try to pull you to spend, as high-end gear needs characters be level 20, which can only be achieved by playing the game.

first superhero gilgamesh

Injustice 2 is an immense game, featuring an extensive story-based campaign, a superb fighting encounter and an almost limitless source of remarkable rewards. The tiny adjustments to combat go a long way in creating a more vibrant flow, which resonates well in multiplayer matches. I ran into a minor lag in a few online matches, but the game ran effortlessly for most of the time. Even if you don’t indulge in the viable} facets of the fighting genre, this is a game you can plunge into for an engaging superhero story. No, this isn’t a game that makes your characters go loco when buttons are mashed, but on the easiest difficulty, you should have no concerns making progress in the story, given you at least take the time to understand what makes it tick.

Injustice 2 will show you just how powerful and diverse the DC Universe superheroes are.

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