Captain America, Vol. 2 #8


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Captain America, Vol. 2 #8
Marvel Comics
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Serpents & Eagles, Part 1: A First Small Hisssss
June 1997
Comic  Modern Age $1.99
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Captain America begins his journey to find the America of today, only to find the same sort of racist evil he once fought so hard against. He takes up arms once more, fighting to free America of the Sons of the Serpent.
Writer James Robinson
Penciller Al Rio, Joe Bennett
Inker Al Rio, Sandra Hope
Colorist Wildstorm FX
Letterer Richard Starkings
Cover Penciller Jim Lee
Cover Inker Richard Bennett
Editor Mike Rockwitz
Bucky (Rikki Barnes),
Grover Williams,
Captain America (Steve Rogers),
Sons of Serpents (Heroes Reborn)
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Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes, Action
Color Color
Barcode 75960604357600811
Country USA
Language English
Release Date June 1997
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