Ghost Rider, Vol. 2 (1990-1998) #12


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Ghost Rider, Vol. 2 (1990-1998) #12
Marvel Comics
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Strange Tales, Part 1
April 1991
Comic  Modern Age $1.50
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Dr. Strange has come to Ghost Rider for assistance. But Ghost Rider is on the trail of Zodiac once again and will not be delayed any further. Ghost Rider finds Zodiak in a warehouse where he discovers several of the recently kidnapped children being used in a mysterious mystical device. Dr. Strange and his associates have followed Ghost Rider and assist him in battling Zodiak and rescuing the children. When Ghost Rider finally lays hands on Zodiak he finds that it is merely another mechanical decoy and that the real Zodiak has again eluded capture. Dr. Strange then asks Ghost Rider for his help once again. This time he decides to listen. Continued in Dr. Strange #28. Also, who is the mysterious leather-clad biker hell-bent on finding Ghost Rider?
Writer Howard Mackie
Penciller Javier Saltares
Inker Mark Texeira, Jimmy Palmiotti
Colorist Gregory Wright
Letterer Janice Chiang
Cover Penciller Javier Saltares
Cover Inker Javier Saltares
Cover Colorist Gregory Wright
Editor Bobbie Chase
Editor In Chief Tom DeFalco
Johnny Blaze,
Ghost Rider (Daniel ‘Danny’ Ketch),
Zodiak (Norman Harrison),
Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange)
Product Details
Series Group Ghost Rider
Genre Action, Adventure, Horror, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date April 1991
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