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The Bride Of Venom / True Friends / The Monster Within / Echoes
March 1993
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The Bride of Venom – Peter needs help tracking Venom down, and his only lead is Eddie Brock’s ex-wife. He eventually manages to get her to open up, and follows her tip to an old amusement park. He’s joined by the Wild Pack, who don’t have the same goals.

True Friends – Following the events of Fantastic Four #373, Spider-Man has a decision to make. After some pondering, he makes up his mind in a way that leads directly into Fantastic Four #374.

The Monster Within – John Jameson is struggling with past decisions, and his father isn’t making things any better. When Jake Austin suffers an accident at a shuttle launch, John’s mettle is tested and he comes up with a plan.

Echoes… – Teens are desecrating the grave of Kraven the Hunter, little realizing that his grave is protected.


Writer Eric Fein, Terry Kavanagh, David Michelinie, Tom DeFalco
Penciller Aaron Lopresti, Mark Bagley, Patrick Olliffe
Artist Dan Panosian
Inker Randy Emberlin, Mark McKenna, Don Hudson
Colorist Renee Witterstaetter, Tom Smith, Bob Sharen
Letterer Joe Rosen, Dave Sharpe, Rick Parker, Jonathan Babcock, Richard Starkings
Cover Penciller Mark Bagley
Cover Inker Randy Emberlin
Editor Danny Fingeroth
Editor In Chief Tom DeFalco
Man-Wolf (John Jameson)
Lance Bannon
Sandman (Garrett Sanford)
Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff)
Chameleon (Dmitri ‘Kravinoff’ Smerdyakov)
Battlestar (Lemar Hoskins)
Venom (Eddie Brock)
Joseph ‘Robbie’ Robertson
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
May Parker
Invisible Woman (Susan Storm-Richards)
Crippler (Karl Striklan)
Amy Chen
Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius)
Human Torch (Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Storm)
Gloria ‘Glory’ Grant
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.
Mary Parker (Replicant)
Richard Parker (Replicant)
Raul Quentino
Anne Weying
Thing (Benjamin J. Grimm)
Doug Powell
Silver Sable (Silvija Sablinova)
Jake Austin
Product Details
Series Group Spider-Man
Genre Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Barcode 75960602457537511
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 1/12/1993
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Collection Status For Sale
Current Value $30.00


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