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Web of Carnage – Part 2: And Now – Spider-Carnage
April 1996
Comic  Modern Age $1.50
Read It: Yes 32 Pages


Ben follows the Ravencroft security guards in hopes of discovering the link to Carnage, but the link he finds at first is not what he expected. Unfortunately, the true link is about to catch up with him.
Writer Tom DeFalco
Penciller Mark Bagley
Inker Randy Emberlin, Larry Mahlstedt
Colorist Bob Sharen
Letterer Comicraft, Richard Starkings
Separator Malibu Hues
Cover Penciller Mark Bagley
Cover Inker Larry Mahlstedt
Cover Colorist Atomic Paintbrush
Editor Bob Budiansky
Editor In Chief Bob Harras
John Jameson
Seward Trainer
Jessica Carradine
Shirley Washington
Peter Parker
Carnage (Cletus Kasady)
Gaunt (Mendell Stromm)
Joseph ‘Robbie’ Robertson
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
Connor Trevane
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.
Devon Lewis
Spider-Man (Benjamin ‘Ben’ Reilly)
Product Details
Series Group Spider-Man
Genre Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Barcode 75960602457541011
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 2/13/1996
Personal Details
Collection Status For Sale
Current Value $25.00


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