Fatal Attractions – Part 1: The Man Who Wasn’t There

Jul 1993
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 48 pages / $3.50
The Acolytes are here, and they mean business. X-Factor does their best to contain the threat, but it isn’t long at all before they learn of an even greater threat on the horizon.
Plotter Scott Lobdell, Joe Quesada
Scripter John Marc DeMatteis
Penciller Joe Quesada
Artist Cliff Van Meter
Inker Al Milgrom
Colorist Glynis Oliver-Wein
Letterer Richard Starkings
Cover Penciller Joe Quesada
Cover Inker Al Milgrom
Cover Colorist Glynis Oliver-Wein
Editor Kelly Corvese, Robert ‘Bob’ Harras
Editor In Chief Tom DeFalco
Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair),
Robert Kelly,
Fabian Cortez,
Amelia Voght,
Frenzy (Joanna Cargill),
Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox),
Polaris (Lorna Dane),
Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff),
Unuscione (Carmella Unuscione),
Exodus (Bennet du Paris),
Scanner (Sarah Ryall),
Spoor (Andrew Hamish Graves),
Strong Guy (Guido Carosella),
Random (Marshall Evan Stone III),
Seamus Mellencamp,
Katu (Katu Kath),
Valerie ‘Val’ Cooper,
Sven Kleinstock,
Harlan Kleinstock,
Javitz (Isaac Javitz),
Havok (Alexander ‘Alex’ Summers),
Leslie Murray
Product Details
Series Group X-Factor
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes, Action
Color Color
Barcode 75960602145109211
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 5/11/1993
Personal Details
Collection Status For Sale
Current Value $6.00


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