Finally! A Spider-Man That’s Actually Amazing!

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You all probably thought the same thing when they announced another Spider-Man reboot. In my mind I was thinking another Fantastic Four disaster. A Batsuit with nipples kind of debacle. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually liked all the Spider-Man movies. However, Spider-Man 3 with a gothic Peter Parker and the dreaded Topher Grace Venom just left me saying, “Come on, really?”

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“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is able to handle the things that the first five couldn’t as a superhero movie. It shares a significantly more personal tale in a smaller-scale having an aim for the thrilling range. The movie has the growing pains of a teenager comedy and an action filled popcorn performance.

It didn’t have the typical demolition derby or the world ending threat scenario as the usual superhero film. Also, it didn’t restart the whole telling of Spidey’s origin as it was only briefly mentioned in one or two scenes.

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Amazingly, instead, director Jon Watts and his team of, count them, 8 co-writers focus considerably on Peter Parker’s struggles as both an ungainly teenager and flourishing superhero. Tom Holland is as good as the presumptions launched by his arrival in “Captain America: Civil War.” He and the filmmakers flawlessly peg the character’s trademark combination of brains, passion, wacky charisma, sarcasm, humor, and unflagging strive to be a hero.

He’s experiencing a lot of challenges with that last portion. The excitement with fighting alongside the Avengers leaves him somewhat restless – all things considered, how can you keep yourself grounded just after you took Captain America’s shield from him? Desperate to enter the big boy arena, he can’t fully hold the ‘be patient, we’ll call you when we need you’ bit he gets from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), a debatable at best role model, advisor and father figure.

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Struggling to control his cockiness and desperate to establish himself, Peter insists on going after a team of crooks who swipe high-tech debris salvaged from superhero brawls and back-engineer it into self-made high-tech weaponry, which they distribute on the black market. The squad is led by Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture, played by a spectacular Michael Keaton. Toomes is a working-class man who seems to be shafted by the people in suits of both the business world and the costume-wearing sorts.

Peter gets into a cat-and-mouse game with his new-found enemy. At the same time he’s coping with the typical school dilemma. Clumsy romantic relationships, bullies, detention, homework, and so forth – which a lot of us remember. It’s far more nerve-racking than being shot at by crooks with high tech alien engineered firearms.

It’s a straightforward assumption, nicely fitted into the MCU continuity and perfect in scale for a newbie hero, and it pays off. Keaton darn near swipes the show from Holland. He finds the ideal variety of affectation in Toomes ın making him relatable ahead of reminding the audience precisely how perilous he actually is.  There is a superbly performed scenario between him and Holland that rotates the movie onto its side for its third act.

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There are a lot of characters in this movie, more than usual for a Spider-Man movie (including enjoyable cameos). Some of them fail to find a way out in the shuffle. The filmmakers made it work the best they could with so many characters.

Marisa Tomei is definitely a different take on Aunt May and it works. She’s a single woman trying to raise a teenage boy on her own. You don’t see many frail gray haired ladies doing that too often. It looks like the young Tom Holland will be playing Spidey for a long time and they need someone to go the long haul with him. Sally Fields and Rosemary Harris, while their versions of Aunt May were great, it was time for a change.

Other characters were totally rebooted, also. Flash Thompson isn’t a jock and a bully. He’s more of a spoiled rich kid type of a bully and loves to instigate trouble.

Peter has a completely new love interest in Homecoming. There is no Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. The popular high school senior, Liz has our hero’s heart. He just doesn’t feel he has a shot since he is younger.

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This is Watt’s third full length film and his first of this size, and it showed at times. His lack of experience with action and fighting sequences were sometimes complicated, but nothing devastating. The CGI was at times a little jerky and some movements didn’t look natural, but overall it was really good. It surpassed some of the major players in the special fx of some of the latest blockbusters.

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More importantly, the movie has spirit and its liveliness is contagious. It’s not scared to stick some fun at itself. Ever wonder why Spidey tends to stay away from the suburbs? Spider-Man: Homecoming gives a feel that these films can – and should – be good fun.

We would love to know what your thoughts on the movie. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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