Top 5 Wonder Woman Comic Book Covers

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As you may have heard, Wonder Woman opens in theaters across the world today! So this week we will put a Wonder Woman flare to our post! This week we are giving our top 5 Wonder Woman comic book covers. So with out further ado, let’s get started!

No. 5

Wonder Woman #1 Volume 2

Superhero Comic Book Wonder Woman

First and foremost, this is by the legendary comic-book artist and writer George Perez. This is classic George with adding as much into one cover as possible. He pretty much tells Wonder Woman’s background here. George took over Wonder Woman and set her on a new creative path. Perez’s tenure would last 62 issues.

No. 4

Wonder Woman #41 Vol. 4

Superhero Comic Book Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman finally has pants or leggings or who knows what they actually are. This cover by David Finch gives a different take on Wonder Woman. A whole new outfit with long sleeves and thigh high boots. She explains it herself why the costume change.

“I was still just a little girl when I first put on this costume and left Themyscira for the world of men. A girl with a lot to prove…to her mother…to the amazons…to herself. I lost a lot and learned a lot since then, about myself, and the people around me. I’ve taken on roles that I never wanted, but couldn’t refuse. Every day is a struggle to do justice to those roles, while remaining true to myself. This new costume is a symbol of that. It’s a reflection of everything I am now: God, Queen, Warrior for Justice. It’s finally time for me to leave the girl behind … and embrace the woman I’ve become.”– Wonder Woman

No. 3

Wonder Woman #36 Volume 4

Superhero Comic Book Wonder Woman

This issue welcomed the superstar creative husband and wife team of writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch! David Finch delivers some of his better artwork on this New 52 title. Sonia Oback’s colors are the selling point for the cover, though, and add a rich flavor to Finch.

“I can’t seem to figure out how to give everyone the time and attention they deserve. Just when I think I’m starting to get things under control in one area of my life, another falls apart. I may be a god now, but I still can’t be in two places at once.” — Wonder Woman

No. 2

Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth

Superhero Comic Book Wonder Woman Spirit of Truth

Alex Ross’ paintings are incredible! Any comic book character rendered under the brush wielded by Alex Ross is practically given life…that character transcends its pulp origins, rises above the plane of ink and page, and seemingly comes within a hairs width of our own real world. Nowhere is this artistic phenomenon more dramatically demonstrated than in this best-selling graphic novel of which Wonder Woman: Spirit Of Truth.

Alex Ross faced a challenge in designing Wonder Woman by making her feminine and physically imposing at the same time because she is an Amazon. Ross says that the only person he can identify with Wonder Woman is Lynda Carter, just as much as George Reeves is who he identities with in regards to Superman.

No. 1

Wonder Woman #63 Vol. 2

Superhero Comic Book Wonder Woman 63

This was Brian Bolland’s very first cover on Wonder Woman, and in my opinion, the best.  It’s hard to follow after George Perez, but Bolland hit it out of the park. His take on Wonder Woman demonstrated  a solid yet, simplistic image.  The detail to Wonder Woman’s hair is classic Bolland style. Brian’s style is to never make any character too perfect.

first superhero gilgamesh

Now that you have a taste for Wonder Woman, go see the movie this weekend and celebrate Wonder Woman Day, Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Also, let us know what you think about the movie and our top 5 list of the best Wonder Woman comic book covers.

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