Ghost Rider, Vol. 2 (1990-1998) #48


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Ghost Rider, Vol. 2 (1990-1998) #48
Marvel Comics
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Under Fire, Part 2
April 1994
Comic  Modern Age $1.75
Read It: Yes 32 Pages


Badilino and his men hold the cop killer Dread in their custody for interrogation while Rak, another of Hellgate’s minions, attacks that police station in an effort to rescue his comrade Dread. Vengeance cannot allow the killers to go free and battles them both just as Spider-Man arrives to offer his assistance. Hellgate has decided that Rak and Dread are a liability and eliminates them, confirming Badilino’s suspicions: Hellgate has returned.
Writer Howard Mackie
Penciller Ron Garney
Inker Chris Ivy
Colorist John Kalisz
Letterer Janice Chiang
Cover Artist Ron Garney
Editor Bobbie Chase
Editor In Chief Tom DeFalco
Vengeance (Michael Badilino),
Spider-Man (Peter Parker),
Hellgate (Anton Hellgate),
Product Details
Series Group Ghost Rider
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes, Action
Color Color
Barcode 75960601317304811
Country USA
Language English
Release Date April 1994
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