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Awaken The Thunder!
November 1996
Comic  Modern Age $2.95
Read It: Yes 56 Pages


The Avengers have been formed, and are ready to protect the world under the guidance of Nick Fury. Loki learns of this, and also learns that Thor is trapped in a very potent amber. He lures the Avengers there, allowing them to free Thor. Loki then convinces Thor that the heroes are actually his mortal enemies, and that they are responsible for his captivity.
Plotter Rob Liefeld
Scripter Jim Valentino
Penciller Rob Liefeld, Chap Yaep
Inker Marlo Alquiza, Jonathan Sibal
Colorist Ashby Manson
Letterer Steve Dutro
Cover Penciller Rob Liefeld
Cover Inker Jonathan Sibal
Editor Rob Liefeld
Editor In Chief Bob Harras
Agatha Harkness,
Nicholas ‘Nick’ Fury Sr.,
Henry Peter Gyrich,
Vision (Jonas),
Loki (Loki Laufeyson),
Wasp (Janet van Dyne),
Captain America (Steve Rogers),
Hawkeye (Clint Barton),
Hellcat (Patsy Walker-Hellstrom),
Enchantress (Amora),
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff),
Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan,
Thor (Donald Blake),
Henry ‘Hank’ Pym,
Swordsman (Philip Jarvert)
Product Details
Series Group Avengers
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes, Action
Color Color
Barcode 75960604359000111
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 9/25/1996
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Collection Status For Sale
Current Value $8.00


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